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Installation of Tile & Stone

Installation of Tile & Stone
Furniture & Appliances:
All furniture and appliances must be completely removed from the areas to be covered prior to the arrival of the installation crew. Due to time restraints, the installers will not be able to wait to have furniture moved during the installation process. Should your job not be ready when they arrive, a trip charge will be added to the cost of your installation as we will have to schedule a second trip and installation time.
If you have paid for furniture moving, you will still be responsible for moving all breakables, electronics, computers, and small items such as books, shoes, and paper. You will also need to strip beds, clear closets, removed wall hanging, and unhook all gas appliances. Floors For You cannot move water beds, pool tables, antiques, grandfather clocks, and big screen televisions. We do not recommend rolling appliances over tile and stone floors without using a proper dolly and laying down plywood to protect it.
After the Installation:
The customer is responsible for cutting any doors. If you have changed the height of your floor, you may have to cut your doors in order to have them swing freely. There will be a certain amount of dust that accumulates during the installation process. WE will do our best to keep it to a minimum, however some dust will be unavoidable. The ¼ round trim used must be a full ¾” wide.
Care & Maintenance:
Proper maintenance of your tile or stone floor is important to maintain its natural beauty. After your flooring has been installed, there will be a grout haze on your tile. This can easily be removed the next day by dry buffing with a white towel. We recommend waiting at least two weeks before sealing your grout. Do not use cleaners that contain acid or bleach for routine maintenance. Do not use steel wool pads or any scouring pads that contain metals. Grout should be cleaned and sealed every two to five years depending on the hardness of your water and the cleaning products you are using. Floors For You has the right cleaning products and sealers for your particular situation.
You can relax and enjoy your floor knowing you have a one year labor warranty on your installation.