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Vacuuming Recommendations

Vacuuming Recommendations
The most important way to increase the life of your carpet is simple, vacuum it.

There are several features to consider when selecting a vacuum for your carpet, one size does not fit all.

Adjustable Height: Adjust according to pile height
Suction Level: Adjust according to carpet fiber type
Wheel Size: Always use vacuums with large wheels

Most vacuums have a beater brush bar or a rotating brush. These types of vacuums work well on low pile carpets, but can damage higher pile or softer carpets. For higher pile, berber and soft carpets, Engineered Floors recommends raising the beater brush/rotating bar to the highest setting and/or using suction only. Test an inconspicuous area to ensure it does not produce excess fizz. For shag ot frieze type carpets, using the suction only feature may be necessary. For all other carpets, the beater bar/rotating brush should just barely touch the surface of the carpet. Additionally, your vacuum cleaner shoudl glide across the carpet, making larger wheels the best option.