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Installation of Hardwood

Installation of Hardwood

Furniture & Appliances:
All furniture and appliances must be completely removed from the areas to be covered prior to the arrival of the installation crew. Due to time restraints, the installers will not be able to wait to have furniture moved during the installation process. Should your job not be ready when they arrive, a trip charge will be added to the cost of your installation as we will have to schedule a second trip and installation time.
If you have paid for furniture moving, you will still be responsible for moving all breakables, electronics, computers, and small items such as books, shoes, and paper. You will also need to strip beds, clear closets, unhook all gas appliances, and remove wall hangings. Floors For You cannot move water beds, pool tables, antiques, grandfather clocks, and big screen televisions. We do not recommend rolling appliances over hardwood floors without using a proper dolly and laying down plywood to protect the hardwood.
Carpet Take Up:
All carpet, pad, staples, and tack strips must be completely removed from the areas to be installed prior to the arrival of the installation crew. If your carpet has been glued down, you will be required to remove the carpet and glue and scrape the floor clean. If you have paid for carpet removal, these services will be provided by our installers. If your carpet has been pet damage, we will not be able to dispose of it.
Wood is a natural product and varies in color and grain from piece to piece. The industry standard for unusable wood due to defects is 5% per carton. We will do our best to use these pieces as cuts when installing your wood floor. Most hardwoods are photo sensitive and will change color after they have been down a while. This natural process is called ambering. Some woods will amber more than others.
After the Installation:
The customer is responsible for cutting any doors. If you have changed the height of your floor, you may have to cut your doors in order to have them swing freely. There will be a certain amount of dust that accumulates during the installation process. We will do our best to keep it to a minimum, however some dust will be unavoidable. The ¼ round trim used must be a full ¾” wide.
Care and Maintenance:
Care should be taken to check under all furniture legs for sharp edges. We suggest putting adhesive pads under furniture legs to protect your new floor. Floors For You stocks adhesive pads in various sizes for your convenience. Proper care and maintenance of your wood floor is important to maintain its natural beauty and Floors For You has the right wood care products for your particular floor.
You can relax and enjoy your flooring knowing you have a one year labor warranty on your installation.


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